I consider myself fortunate, having been able to photograph in this area. These are photographs from several occasions, taken in an old industrial site in the town where I live. These days, it’s mainly used for (to my knowledge, anyway) local business focused on varying kinds of technology.

Personally, I’d do quite different things if I owned this area. I’d probably live in one of those amazing buildings, and the rest I’d create some sort of art centre with.

Can you tell that I really, really enjoy brick walls? If not – let me tell you; I love brick walls. Especially when they are old, used, torn by time and nature. I’d really love to live in something like this.

There are secrets hidden in these walls. There’s history in the air. So much has happened on these grounds, and we don’t even consider it, stomping around on any given day.

Sometimes, I think we should be ashamed for how we disrespect our history.

On that note, at least I tend to see quite a gothic feeling in these photographs. They speak to me about those forgotten days, about everything that has fallen, not to rise again. It is sad and bittersweet, and utterly, utterly beautiful.

Do you see what I see?

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The idea of gothic photography has shifted over the years. The sort I am thinking about – the one that I am presenting to you, here, is my take on how lots of photography was done in the 19th century.

The style “gothic” has also changed a lot over time. Very simply, one might say that the gothic produced during medieval times is the mother of everything that’s ever been called gothic since.

The gothic subculture we’re used to today is in its expression quite far from the gothic that I personally like. The idea is still there, but it is presented quite differently, and I admit to preferring the old style better.

What I am showing here, is one aspect of the gothic expression in photography. Think of it as experiencing loss, letting the mind wonder down memory lane, the lack of that which was… combined with what I personally see as beautiful composition, contrasts between light and dark, and there you have it.

All these photographs (as with both previous posts) have been photographed at different times. I just wanted to brag and show off a selection of this kind of photography, since I absolutely love to do it.

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there is poetry, rythm and music within the photograph.


step into my world for a while, and experience it with me.


due to mental illness, i am retired from work. i do have a background as a portrait/wedding photographer, as well as one in art history.


i am heavily influenced by photographers active in the 19th century, as well as more modern ones. but mainly, i have my own way of seeing the world.