I like to create stuff. I like photographing (which I should, having worked as a photographer), I like to write, I like to edit and… well, I’m a creative person, let’s leave it at that. 😀

Here, you’ll find some stuff I’ve made. It’s free to read, and where applicable, free to download for personal use.

Please, enjoy.

The Self which wasn’t mine

The Self which wasn't mine

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I wrote this book during 2018 – 2019, after my dad died. I’d been wanting to write it for a long time, but not until then did I find the language and format for a book such as this. It’s no easy read, and for some it might trigger your own trauma, so please read with care.

The book isn’t what you expect. It is poetic in a sense, raw in another. The story is not chronological, but makes sense nonetheless. I’m taking you through memories and experiences of growing up with parents whose view of life was in dire conflict with each other.

This book is only available here, while the swedish original can be found at Bipolarblog.se. It has not been printed (although I’d love to see it in print some day), and cannot be sold. I have chosen to let it be free to read, since I believe there are many people out there who will see themselves in it.

I won’t tell you to enjoy, because I don’t think you will. But I hope you’ll like it, because I do. ♥



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Eye C : recovery from childhood trauma (narcissistic abuse by a parent)

I grew up with a covert narcissistic mother and a father who overcompensated in a rigid manner.


My mother died back in 2001 and I have spent too many years being a survivor. This is where it’s time to recover and be the best version of myself that I can be.


It’s important to me to let this be a space where we are creative and positive in our ways to recover from the narcissistic abuse we’ve been subjected to in our childhood. It’s no easy task, but I’ll be damned if I can’t do it.


Until then.


With love.
Malinka P.