In my last post, I told you that I’ll skip the Youtube channel because I don’t feel comfortable enough with it. Instead, I’ll start up a podcast. In this post, I’ll just vent some thoughts on that – and please, do feel free to leave comments for me to consider (easiest on Facebook, wherever I post this). Thank you in advance.

So, I think this podcast will not come out weekly. Not even every other week, but rather once a month. And I think I’ll make longer episodes – somewhere between 30 – 60 minutes each. That gives me more time to talk through whatever topic I want to discuss on that given day. And with episodes once a month instead of weekly, I’ll have more time to plan and do it well.

I also think I’ll change the angle a bit, when it comes to topics. For example, I think perhaps that one of the episodes will be on religion versus spirituality, why I am spiritual rather than religious, et cetera. I’ll have to think more on that one, though, to find subjects and angles that might be interesting to more people than myself. 😀

I think – and hope, that this will be better than I feel the Youtube channel would have been in the long run. While it’s absolutely possible to listen to a Youtube video rather than watching it, listening to a podcast feels more relaxing. I admit to listen to extremely few, if any, myself, but I know that people listen to them while cleaning, walking/running, so I’m thinking that might be a good thing. Giving the opportunity to listen to the podcast when you’re doing something else.

The first episode of this podcast may take a month or so before I’ve figured out everything. I need to find some good free audio to use. I need to remind myself on how to use the software to create audio files. I need to make an intro and an outro. I need to decide on a topic, and take notes on what to talk about – much like with the videos, but if these episodes are to be longer, I need to make sure I have something to talk about for all that time. 😀

I actually feel quite good about this. I have no idea how it will turn out. Hopefully well enough for people to listen to it. If you have any suggestions on what I could or should talk about – let me know. By now, I hope you have a good enough idea of who I am, what I think is interesting and important, to suggest something that could work for all of us.

How very interesting. As I think about this, writing about it, my feeling about what it should be is taking shape. It may be a surprise to all of us – who knows. But the idea of being a voice in the middle of the night appeals to me. I’m going to really have to think about this. It may turn out completely different than my original idea when I was deciding between Youtube and podcast several months ago.

And actually, the more I do think about it, the better I feel. I’m aware that I keep repeating myself right now, but it’ll be very, very interesting to see how this turns out.

So while I spend some time thinking about this, planning, researching tools and so on – please be patient with me. I really do believe this is important, and I do think I can contribute. Sure, my journey looks different from yours – we’re not the same. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have shared experiences, or that we can’t learn from each other.

Oh, and like I said in my previous post – I’ll go back to blogging more regularily, and not only do follow-up posts to the Youtube videos.

Until later, peeps!

With love. ♥


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Eye C : recovery from childhood trauma (narcissistic abuse by a parent)

I grew up with a covert narcissistic mother and a father who overcompensated in a rigid manner.


My mother died back in 2001 and I have spent too many years being a survivor. This is where it’s time to recover and be the best version of myself that I can be.


It’s important to me to let this be a space where we are creative and positive in our ways to recover from the narcissistic abuse we’ve been subjected to in our childhood. It’s no easy task, but I’ll be damned if I can’t do it.


Until then.


With love.
Malinka P.