This is a very quick decision. I’ve made a video for today, but while I was out walking my dog, it struck me – I think I’ll be better at making a podcast about this, than Youtube videos. I don’t really feel that comfortable in front of the camera, but I do feel ok with hearing my own voice.

When I came up with the idea of blogging – and more importantly, creating visual content (Youtube) on the topic of recovering from narcissistic abuse from a parent, I chose between Youtube and podcast. As you know, Youtube won – at that time. I’ve been wanting to try Youtube for a very long time, and this was the time to do it.

But let’s face it. I don’t feel too comfortable in front of the camera (my phone). I don’t think I’m that exciting to look at while I’m talking.

So – here I am, thinking that I’ll stop doing Youtube, and start making a podcast instead. I’ll publish it here, on the blog – and perhaps on other platforms as well, if I can figure out how. Preferably without having to pay for it. I have another new hobby that’s going to cost me a lot of money, and I don’t need yet another one that’ll cost money. 😀

I think a podcast will suit me better. I’ll feel safer that way. Not because I feel like I am exposing myself overly, but because I think it may be nicer to listen to only my voice. I don’t know, it’s one of those “listening to the radio in the middle of a rainy night” sort of things.

What do you think about it? What would you prefer?

Not that it matters. 😀 I’ve already made my decision. But I still like to hear what you think. I know it takes time before anything happens when you start up, regardless of what it is. I’ve only been at this for three months, so that’s not it.

I just think I’ll feel better making a podcast. That’s all.

So – this week will be a jump, obviously. A paus. A moment for me to reset my way of thinking about this, find what I need to create a podcast instead. I’ll get back to blogging more regularily, not only writing follow-up posts on the Youtube videos. I’ll let the Youtube channel stay, though, since I think it’s important.

My guess is I’ll be needing one or two weeks to get the podcast up and running. I need to find some things before I can get it up and running – and obviously, also record at least the first episode.

Wish me luck – and I hope you enjoy this podcast! 🙂

With love. ♥


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Eye C : recovery from childhood trauma (narcissistic abuse by a parent)

I grew up with a covert narcissistic mother and a father who overcompensated in a rigid manner.


My mother died back in 2001 and I have spent too many years being a survivor. This is where it’s time to recover and be the best version of myself that I can be.


It’s important to me to let this be a space where we are creative and positive in our ways to recover from the narcissistic abuse we’ve been subjected to in our childhood. It’s no easy task, but I’ll be damned if I can’t do it.


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With love.
Malinka P.