As you can see, there’s nothing kinky, or even (50 shades of) Grey with these photographs. Just a clever subject for photographs of the swedish winter this year, so far.


I am not a fan of winter. On top of the snow, it’s also quite cold. Has been for couple of days. I’ve been meaning to bring the camera out when walking my dog, but didn’t get around to it until today.

And let’s just say – my camera had to unfreeze when we got back inside, before I could empty it of the exposures I shot today.

There is really only one thing that I do like about winter, and that’s how the snow looks. I like and enjoy how monochrome the world is in winter, whether it’s white or gray.

Today, I am not showing you that many photographs. Part of the reason for that is the cold. My hands were freezing, as was my camera, and my glasses went foggy as soon as I raised it. 😀

Glad I did it, though. I can definitely use the practise. When it’s not as cold, I think I’ll go about it again, and perhaps even take some new photographs of my dog. After all, he’ll be 4 years old in 12 days.

Oh, and these photographs aren’t even b/w. 😮 Did you notice? 😀

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When I was a child, my paternal grandparents rented a cottage outside the town where they lived. Behind the cottage, there was a forest in which I played all the time when I was there.

And everywhere I turned, I could see those tiny places where all the fairies, nymphs and trolls lived.

This idea has stayed with me ever since, combined with my very strong belief in the raw, magical power in Earth and nature itself.

In this type of photography, I look for patterns, details, entrances to the homes of fairies seen through a child’s eyes. I look for magic, the way I see it – and it’s right there, if you just look.

It’s breathtaking.

There will be more of this. These are only a small portion of the older photographs of nature (mainly trees) that I have. I’ll post more down the road, and even do some new ones for you to enjoy.

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there is poetry, rythm and music within the photograph.


step into my world for a while, and experience it with me.


due to mental illness, i am retired from work. i do have a background as a portrait/wedding photographer, as well as one in art history.


i am heavily influenced by photographers active in the 19th century, as well as more modern ones. but mainly, i have my own way of seeing the world.